Wanna TAUK about it?


I am one week away from finals week, and I’m really just craving some live music. T-Minus 18 days until graduation and then I can take in all the live tunes that my little heart is longing for. So for now, I am just reminiscing on one of my favorite bands: TAUK. This instrumental-only, jam band stole my heart the first time I saw them, which surprisingly, is two years ago! I saw them open for a band in Milwaukee at Turner Hall and didn’t necessarily love them then. Then I saw them again a year later and was absolutely hooked.

I had mentioned in a previous post that my brother has influenced my music genre tastes and sold me on Umphrey’s McGee. Well, TAUK is signed under Umphrey’s McGee’s record label and I had the pleasure of showing my brother this band in December. Coolest part? We saw them at the Playstation Theater in NYC! That was a memory that I will always cherish.

Three months later, I had the pleasure of working directly with this band on a little social media and influencer project. It was a great opportunity to work for a band that I am so passionate about. And then, I got to see them in Madison, WI. I always describe going to a concert as pure bliss because it truly is my happy place. There is just something about the feeling of when the lights turn on and the band starts to play. Live music is the best music in my eyes. Until next time, folks.



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