TBT: Dancin’ Barefoot to Some Bluegrass


“If lightening bugs could be stars in the sky,

I’ll open up this jar and let your wishes fly”


In the last year, I have a new found love for bluegrass. Y’all know that I’m extremely into seeing live music. I believe that is such a beautiful thing to see those energetic sounds being produced right in front of you. And what better way to see that happen than with a banjo and a mandolin?!

I am unfortunately breaking my once-per-week concert streak because I’m taking 19 credits, working two jobs and it’s almost finals week (YAY, ME). So as I sit here, craving the sounds, the atmosphere and the experience of a live music show, I’m going to reminisce on my favorite band: The Way Down Wanderers. 

I discovered this band almost one year ago. Since then, I’ve been hooked. Ask any of my friends. In the last year, I have seen this band 10 times, traveled 3 states and made some extremely awkward conversation with their band members (Thanks Austin Thompson for being nice + understanding of a super fan).

This band does a great job of “jamming” together and keeping a super small crowd upbeat and enthusiastic about their shows. The music that they write isn’t just a normal ballad, it’s truly poetic and hits you right in the feels.

Here, have a listen. You won’t be disappointed.



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