Smile. It’s Summer Camp time.



Happiest time of the year = Summer Camp Music Festival. For me, this is like Christmas. Four straight days full of music. Bluegrass. Rock. Funk. All of the above. This is four days where I leave the outside (aka, real world) behind and spend my days soaking up the sun, dancing barefoot to some bluegrass (my fav) and making new friends.

Summer Camp is a special place for me because it’s a place that I can truly be myself. Sure, I’m always myself. But it’s a time where I can appreciate art and music with others that are just as enthusiastic about it as I am.

Cross my heart, you’ll never meet someone that is more enthusiastic about a couple guys playing a banjo and a mandolin. That’s me. I’m the girl front and center at a show, or next to the soundboard, that is smiling ear-to-ear because music is just that good.

So here’s to Summer Camp’s daily schedule getting announced today and the fact that none of the shows or artists that I am dying to see (for the 2nd, 3rd, or 50th time) overlap each other. Happy scampin’ my friends, and see you all in Chillicothe, IL in two weeks!



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