Arte Para Todos MKE


As I always say, the music scene is the happiest scene. And Milwaukee has a pretty darn good music scene if you ask me for my two cents. Chicken Wire Empire. Eric Schoor Trio. Klassik. We have some pretty great artists with a wide range of music repertoire. And this weekend we get to celebrate the growing music scene in the Milwaukee area with Arte Para Todos.

What is that? So glad you asked! This is a local, Milwaukee festival that means – “art for everyone” – and celebrates just that. With over 100 performers and 20 locations, this is a local music festival that both you (and I) should be attending.

The must see’s for me on this year’s line-up are:

  1. Blue Mooners
  2. D’Amato
  3. Eric Schoor Trio
  4. Klassik
  5. Foreign Goods
  6. Twin Brother
  7. The Fatty Acids
  8. Chicken Wire Empire

I’ll report back to you, Milwaukee.



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