All of the Lights


I’m thoroughly convinced that there is no greater feeling than going to a concert. Over the last few years, I’ve truly discovered myself through music. People laugh all of the time because my music preferences are so diverse. Rock. Bluegrass. Country. And yes, even electronic music.

Electronic music has such a negative stigma that is carried with it. Why? Because of the crowd it draws in. If any of you know me personally, you know that I am nothing like the people that are a part of that scene. Sure, I’m the happy-go-lucky hippy-esque girl, but that is just my personality.

I wouldn’t say that electronic music is my *favorite*, because there’s just something about seeing live music being played in front of you. But, that doesn’t mean that the environment at an electronic concert isn’t fun and exciting.

Electronic music is so beautiful because its something that has been redrafted from an original. Artists like Pretty Lights, Griz, Gramatik, and the feature of this week’s post: Manic Focus, have all rose to the top of this genre. They accomplish it because they repurpose old music into something new, and still very beautiful.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Manic Focus concert. This was my fifth time seeing Manic, and it was just as great as ever. The concerts (a two-night run), at the Miramar Theater, were definitely ones to remember.

Thank you, Manic Focus, and we can’t wait to have you back in Milwaukee!



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